Importance of a Sober Support Network

By | February 10, 2022

• By connecting with a sponsor and other individuals who have completed treatment, you will be offered great advice and tips on how to avoid relapse. You can share personal experiences, and feed off of one another’s hope and success of sobriety. New residents will establish healthy friendships with others in recovery. They support each other by attending meetings and classes together, networking to gain employment, ride sharing to work, and enjoying many outdoor activities that Idaho has to offer.

How many people are on Loosid?

Loosid provides those struggling with sobriety the virtual help and support they need. The vast majority of our 120,000+ members are in recovery or actively seeking help with treatment of their addiction. It's our duty to give those fighting addiction the opportunity to maintain their sobriety.

You are each other’s role models, and can inspire one another to keep moving forward. Select family and friends who are 100% supportive of your recovery. They will need to be available to you during both the good times and the inevitable challenging episodes. Having people personally engaged in your recovery helps keep you accountable. These individuals are emotionally invested in your recovery success, and knowing that sets up a powerful deterrent against disappointing them. In the early phase of recovery it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the changes in your life. Having a loving support community offers peace of mind, knowing they are there for you and that you are not alone.

Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Our newest technology is a premium feature that will be released in early January. The popular social networking site is filled with support for recovering addicts. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking.

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Nonetheless, there are fundamental steps to help you understand how to recover from addiction. We are all about social media, this is a place that you can let it all out…without worrying about your in-laws or job finding out you’re in recovery. Post sobriety pictures or thoughts…find inspiration when you need it – sober networking from people who understand what you’re going through. While swiping on Tinder or “liking” an event on Facebook doesn’t require alcohol, meeting up afterward often does, leaving those who want to socialize sober in the lurch. A new generation of apps like Sober Grid, Clean Fun Network and Sober seeks to change that.

What is the Best Way to Get Sober?

Humans crave social connections, and sober support networks provide just that. Because many individuals want to belong, being a part of a sober group can increase your confidence and self-esteem in your interpersonal relationships – it bestows a feeling of acceptance.

While members may also attend different groups or follow other sobriety teachings, some people come to LifeRing after finding that other programs did not work for them. LifeRing focuses on the present day rather than the past and promotes the idea that what will work for each person is unique. Loosid is a community for people looking to thrive and enjoy fun events and activities while abstaining from alcohol and other substances. With the variety of resources available, these communities offer, from apps to chat groups to coaching programs, you’ll inevitably find an option suited to your needs. The Sober Mom Squad began during COVID-19 times as a way to offer support to women who are sober and now find themselves overloaded with taking care of the kids while also working and quarantining and….

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